Smart Links

Smart Links are the Prompt platform link shortening and tracking feature. Smart Links allow full parameterization, customization, and advanced configuration of the redirected short link.

Smart Links to be sent via Broadcast, Library action, or even by a team member. All clicks will be tracked in real time. Additional actions can be configured when a contact clicks the link as well, such as adding a tag or addiing or removing the contact from a Contact List.

Why Use Smart Links?

Traditional link shortnerers, such as and are misused by bad actors and are very heavily filtered by the carriers. CTIA guidelines states that public link shorteners should not be used in text messaging.

Creating a Smart Link

Smart Links are easy and flexible to create. Simply provide the original link address (including paramterization), choose a Smart Link subdomain and an optional extension, supplying an optional Preview image, and select any optional actions to be performed when the link is clicked.

Link Parameterization and Utilizing Field Merge

Field merge is used to redirect to a parameterized URL. This feature allows you to push data associated with a contact to the desitination website. Data associated with the contact is merged in when the redirection occurs. This data can include the contact's name, phone number, or any other data fields imported or associated with the contact.

Typically, parameterization of your original link address may look something like this:

Utilizing an Extension

In some cases, you may wish to add an optional extension to the URL. This is primariily used to give more context to the link. For instance, instead of sending the link can be sent as — the gala2021 is the extension that lends some context and legitimacy to the link sent.

Preview Image and Description

Prompt allows you to upload an optional preview image and description. Every mobile phone treat previiew images a little differently, but where it is supported, the preview image and description will show on the user's mobile device.

The Android mobile operating system treats these very inconsistently — do not expect or depend on Android users seeing the preview image or description.

Here is how these preview images and descriptions look when delivered on an iPhone.

For preview images to display on either iPhone or Android, the phone number must be saved in the address book on the phone. No image preview will be displayed unless the number is saved in the address book. To make it easy for supporters to store the phone number in their address book, consider sending a vCard as an MMS.

Associating Click Actions

The default action is a "Whisper" that will place a note in the contact's conversational history that the link was clicked:

Supported actions include:

For more help with advanced configurations, reach out to customer support.

Sending a Smart Link

Sending a smart link is always done the same way when composing a message.


After selecting the link, you'll see the placeholder indicating where the link will be replaced in the outgoing text:


Team members can send a smart link — click the paperclip icon and select the link to send:


Smart Links can be configured to be sent as part of a Library action:

Link Tracking Metrics

When a contact clicks the link, the actions associated with the click are executed and the click is recorded. Analytics can be accessed by clicking the menu and then View Metrics.

Click on a metric to display the contacts associated:

Export gives you the opportuntiy to output any of the contacts associated with a metric.

Custom Domains

Custom Smart Link domains can be configured for your organization. There may be a fee associated with this service. Please check with your account manager for more information on utilizing your own custom domain for a Smart Link. Expect a 2-3 day turnaround time for this service at minimum.

Parameterization of Popular CRMs/Donation Sites