January 14, 2022 — Major Release

This is a major release with new core functionality: Spark Automations. Additionally, significant improvements have been made to core broadcast texting functionality.

Spark Automations

Spark Automations are finally here! This functionality replaces the Classic Keyword Bot, Inactivity Bot, and Start/Stop bot. Now, you can fully configure, manage, and track all automation activity directly from Spark. See the full documentation for this feature here.

Spark Automations

Creating a Keyword Automation in Spark

Broadcast Functionality

Initialization States Displayed

Progress is now indicated on initialization of broadcasts. There are clear indicators as to how many contacts have been processed and those that remain.

Pause Confirmations

Pausing confirmations of outbound peer-to-peer text broadcast is now fully supported.

10DLC Functionality

Automated 10DLC association for new channels provisioned

When adding new channels, the registered 10DLC campaign and brand are now automatically associated. Formerly, this required customer support and manual intervention. Note that it is still best practice to wait 24-48 hours before utilziing any newly provisioned channels in a broadcast — this will give the carriers time for the registration to propogate through to their upstream systems.

Account Settings

Account settings and password can be updated now from within Spark. This functionality was formerly only available in Classic.

Major Bug Fixes / Upgrades