Transitioning Short Code to Prompt.io

Transitioning a short code from an existing provider to Prompt.io is straightforward.

Prompt.io is partnered with Bandwidth.com — a publicly traded leading provider of SMS and voice services. Prompt.io and Bandwidth work together to transition short codes from an existing software platform (i.e. Mobile Commons) and message network operator (i.e. Twilio) to our fully integrated solution.

Bandwidth Account

Prompt.io will introduce you to your Sr. Account Representative at Bandwidth. Bandwidth will walk you through the necessary paperwork required to transition the short code to their service. The account representative at Bandwidth will need the following information to facilitate a transfer:

After a contract with Bandwidth has been negotiated and signed, Bandwidth will use the information supplied to reach out the various carriers (ATT, TMobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc) and get the various bits and API endpoints reconfigured for Bandwidth. Each carrier operates independently. Note that a full carrier migration can take up to 4 weeks.

During migration, Prompt.io is able to send outbound texts to your contact lists. Inbound texts will be routed to the former platform on a carrier-by-carrier basis while the carriers do the switchover on their own timelines. For instance, if ATT switches their endpoints to Prompt.io, customer replies from ATT will be processed by Prompt.io. If Sprint has not switched their pointer to Prompt.io, customer inbound messages will be sent to your former software platform.

Message Throughput

Prompt.io / Bandwidth short codes can be configured to operate at very high throughput. Typically, Bandwidth processes at 300 segments / second. Faster rates of 500 segments / second are possible at additional price. And, for very large lists with time sensitive delivery, even faster rates can be obtained with additional costs, effort, and carrier support.

Note that a segment is 160 characters in length. Also, a message that includes UNICODE characters such as foreign language characters and/or Emoji will require special encoding that results in an 80 character segment length.

Outbound messages can all be "field merged" and personalized on a per-contact basis with no performance penalty.

Messages are sent on a dedicated pipe to the carriers. Some other providers use "shared pipes" whereby your messages are queued alongside all other outbound traffic. Bandwidth is the industry leader in high-throughput, high deliverability messaging.

Messaging Costs

Customers will secure and fund an account directly with Bandwidth. All messaging fees will be charged directly to the Bandwidth account.

Bandwidth will supply a price list for short-code messaging for use with the Prompt.io platform highly competitive with other vendors.

MMS Support

Prompt.io is fully MMS compatible. MMS on Bandwidth is slated to support up to 3.75mb files. Prompt.io uses "best delivery possible" algorithms to determine if the MMS can be delivered natively to the handset or if a link must be supplied in lieu of the MMS. Every carrier has different file size thresholds for MMS delivery.