September 10, 2020 Major Release

This is a major release encompassing new functionality applicable to all customers that utilize for contact actions (broadcasts). Please read this documentation carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your account manager or customer support.

Peer to Peer Assignment and Routing now offers powerful, flexible assignment and routing of peer-to-peer texting when creating a contact action (broadcast) message. This feature enables configuration of team members responsible for sending contact action texts, routing of replies from contacts, and notification and gamification messages to selected team members.

If you want to work exactly as it worked prior to this release, just hit "next" when you get to this option screen in the Create Contact Action flow.

Team Member Selection

Select the team members you wish to participate in the peer-to-peer broadcast. Only selected team members will be allowed to send / confirm outbound texts or have inbound replies routed to their agent tool inbox.

Team members that lack the "Send Queue" permission will not be selectable.

Assign to last team member

If this option is selected, the last team member to interact with a contact will be assigned to send the broadcast message to the contact.

Utilize this feature to ensure the same team members manages conversations for an individual contact across multiple contact actions.

Above, Philly was the last team member to interact with 3 of the contacts in the contact action. As such, those three contacts were reassigned to Philly.

Distribute / First Come First Served (FCFS)

Contact action texts can be either distributed equally amongst the selected team members or available to send by selected team members on a first come first served basis.

For first-come-first-served (FCFS), any of the selected team members can send messages. No strict assignment will be made on a per-contact basis. This is the default configuration and is most suitable for political campaigns.

If distributed, selected team members will be assigned specific contacts — the assigned team member will be the only team member that can send the text. The number of contacts assigned to each team member will be displayed.

Reply Routing

These options specify what should happen when a contact replies to a broadcast text:

Political Campaign Typical Configuration

For a standard political campaign, the following configuration is suggested. This is the default configuration and the way that worked before the addition of these advanced peer-to-peer routing options.

Team Member Options

Clicking the ... surfaces the options for team members. Removing a team member will eliminate that individual from the contact action. Any assigned contacts will be re-routed or reassigned. Opening the monitor will filter the monitor to that particular team member and allow quick and easy inspection of all resulting conversations.

Tag Routing

Tag Routing can be used to route replies from contacts to a specific team member. For instance, suppose you have a broadcast text to a list of 100 contacts, 20 of which have the "Donor" tag denoting that the contact is a donor. You could add a "Donor" tag routing to the broadcast — this would ensure that any replies will be directed to a specific member of the team — perhaps the most seasoned member.

Note that if the same tag is utilized for mulitple team members, the contact will be routed to ALL of the associated team members.

Tag routing overrides any "Reply Routing" options that were specifiied (shared inbox, round robin, sender/last team member).

In the screenshot above, contacts that have been tagged "Spanish" will be routed directly to Joe's inbox.

Team Member Notification

If selected, a notification will be sent to the select team members. The template can be modified to suit your needs. Field replacement options include:

A link will be sent with the notification enabling quick, easy login.

Team members can select email and/or SMS for their peer-to-peer contact action notification:

Home→Account Settings→Notifications

P2P Metrics / Stats

On the Contact Action Metrics screen, there is a new P2P Stats tab. Here you can see all the associated stats for a contact action, add team members, and send notifications to team members.


Assigned: The number of peer-to-peer texts assigned to the team member

Waiting: The number of texts waiting for this team member in the Send Queue

Sent: The number of texts a team member has sent from the Send Queue

Replies: The number of contacts that replied to the initial peer-to-peer text

Clicked: When sending an instant app, the number of contacts that clicked in

Conversed: The number of contacts that the team member actually conversed with after the initial send. Conversed stats increment when an outbound text is sent, the contact replies, and then a team member sends back a text.

Resolved: The number of contacts that have had a resolution state applied to the conversation. Resolutions are typically set in Macros/Scripts and are used to categorize a conversation.

Active: The number of active conversations ongoing (the contact appears in the "Chat" tab for the Agent tools).

Inbox: The number of contacts in the team member's inbox.

Opt Outs: The number of contacts that either opted out via carrier keyword (STOP) or were opted out manually by the team member.

Note that the Active and Inbox counts apply to all contacts for the team member, not just those associated with this contact action.

Add Team Members

You can add team members to a contact action after it is in progress. Messages will be redistributed as the various configurations demand.

Send Notifications

There are three notification types supported. Each will send an email or text (depending on the team member's notification configuratiion).

No per-text fees are applied to outbound notifications to team members. offers this service free of charge.