September 30, 2019 Major Release

Major Release

This is a major new release — several key areas of functionality have been upgraded, moved, and reorganized. New important functionality has been added.


For this release, we have added a new top level "key technology" for management and manipulation of your organization's contacts.

Clicking on this new tile reveals three options:


In this new functionality, you can easily and quickly search, sort, and inspect all customers that have interacted with Chatbox.


This functionality has been moved from the Automations tab. In addition, we've now introduced a new Customer Info pane to the right side bar. Click on any contact in a list to see and manipulate their tags, list membership, map membership, and data associated with their record.

Tag Manager

On the main screen, you can see and search through all tags.

Click on a tag and you'll be able to edit the tag text, color, and see all contacts associated with the contact. Note: to edit the color, you need to click the EDIT button in the upper right corner.


No significant changes.


Bulk Action Detail Pane

This pane now features the ability to click on a customer and see/manipulate their information (tags, lists, map membership, data).

Bulk Action Metrics Pane

We made some cosmetic improvements to the graphs and layout — adding a legend for various pie slices.


Google Calendar

For this release, we're pleased to have built a native, first-class integration with Google Calendar. This integration will enable Chatbox to read and write from your Google Calendars. Instant Apps access this functionality. Please see your sales engineer if you'd like to explore utilizing this integration.

Instant Apps

Agent Tools

There is a new "Customer Info" pane in Agent Tools. Click the (i) icon in the upper right corner of the right side bar to display. You can manipulate various characteristics for customers on this pane:

There is also the ability to turn off the Whisper feature in Agent Tools.

To turn off navigate to Company Settings from the Hamburger menu in upper left. You will see the Whisper section under "Agent Tools Settings".


Important Bug Fixes

Please note that the bug fixes below are for very technical power users and Chatbox administrators.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Customer Success ( or your Sales Engineer ( for help.