Sending Calendar Events via MMS

MMS can be used to send a calendar event. When clicked, the user's phone will open and offer the recipient a chance to save the event to their calendar. This works on nearly all handsets and delivery of calendar files is supported by all carriers.

Create the Calendar File

Calendar events are shared by the public standard .ics file type. A decent generator for these files can be found here:

iCal Event Maker - create icalendar (.ics) to share your events
Create iCalendar (.ics) file with this tool... Single or Multiple events. Repeating / Recurring events. with Timezone support. add Reminder. Load your existing .ics file to edit the event(s). Use .ics file to add event(s) to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iPhone and other Calendars.

Create one or more events

Download the .ics file

Select the events you want to include in the calendar and then click the "Generate iCal" button.

Leave the feed options empty:

Download the iCal file.

We strongly recommend changing the default filename to something that represents the event — "Gala 2022.ics" or "Last Day To Register to Vote.ics" — the filename will be displayed to recipients and can help drive conversions.

Send via Broadcast MMS

Send a broadcast and drag and drop the .ics file. This file type is supported as MMS by all carriers.