Scrubbing Landlines from NGPVAN Lists

When importing a list from NGP VAN, there is no straightforward path to scrubbing the lists for non-mobile numbers, but there is a workaround that will achieve the desired results. The product team is working on making this much easier in the future, but this workaround will help in the interim.

Step 1: Sync NGP Van List

Sync your NGP VAN lists as per normal. Below, in Classic you'll see we have 2 NGPVAN lists synced.

Step 2: Create an exportable list

We need to create a new list called "EXPORTABLE <listname>".

Navigate to Classic→Contacts→Lists→Add Contact List

Create a list with the name Exportable <listname> — match the name of the list you're trying to scrub.

Step 3: Add the NGP VAN list contacts to the exportable list

Navigate to Classic→Automations→Contact Actions→Add Contact Action

Create a new contact action and give the name "Export <listname>" and select the list you are trying to scrub.

For "Add Fulfillment" — select "Add to Contact List"

And select the EXPORTABLE list you created in Step 2.

The fulfillment should take approximately 10 seconds per 100 contacts.

You'll now have a list that can be exported to CSV.

Step 4: Export the List to a CSV

Click the list, select the Export Tab.

The only field you need to export is the Phone field. You can remove the others.

A CSV will download.

Step 5: Create a "Scrubbed" List

Navigate Classic→Contacts→Lists→Add Contact List

Create a new list, call it SCRUBBED <listname>.

Step 6: Import the CSV and Scrub

Click on the Import tab for your newly created scrubbed list.

Select the "Test Import contacts" checkbox.

Drag and drop the EXPORTABLE list into the drop zone.

Click the "Add New Contacts" button.


You now have a list that is the scrubbed version of the NGP VAN list that can be used for targeting in a Broadcast.

Again, apologies for this kludgey workaround while we engineer a much more painless and elegant solution.

A contact will only be scrubbed once every six months. The system keeps track of the contacts that have been tested — if you reimport or rescrub contacts that have been previously tested, the system will just skip those contacts so that no additional lookup fees accrue for those contacts.