Twilio and other message network operators limit the number of texts that can be sent per channel. Prompt.io will ensure that these limitations are not exceeded and will utilize queuing to regulate throughput as per the MNO best practices and limitations.

Twilio (per outbound long-code channel)

So, on ten channels, you can expect to send 9000 messages per hour.

MULTI-MESSAGE BROADCASTS Note that if your broadcast contains multiple fulfillments, such as sending a text AND sending an MMS, those will count as two distinct messages and will double the time that it takes to process your broadcast.

Message length, otherwise known as segment count, has no effect on outbound rates.

Prompt.io Rate Limiting

In some cases, your broadcast may experience rate limiting by Prompt.io that is lower than the maximum throughput allowed by Twilio. This is done to ensure integrity of the system. Typically Prompt.io will not rate limit below 25 messages / second across all your channels.

Multi-Org Use of Same Twilio Credential

If your organization is utiliziing the same Twilio credential across multiple orgs, know that the Twilio rate limit applies to the Twilio credential, not to the org. If you start two broadcasts in two separate orgs at the same time — even with broadcasts on different channels — each broadcast will process at a slower rate (about 50% slower) than if the broadcasts were happeninig independently. The Twilio credential itself is rate limited and our platform caters to cross-org use of the same credential to ensure that this rate limit is not exceeded.