Organization Registration

Organizations wishing to utilize 10-digit long code (10DLC) for texting will need to be registered with the regulating authorities. The Campaign Registry (campaignregistry.com) oversees the registration and vetting of SMS traffic over 10DLC. Prompt.io is a first-class partner for the Campaign Registry. Our goal is to make the registration process as simple and as transparent as possible for your organization.

To facilitate registration, click on the Admin→Organization tab.

Note that if this tab is not visible, your organization is not yet eligible for 10DLC registration. Your account manager will contact you if and when this is required.

Registration Information

  1. Legal Company Name This is the official entity name as it is filed with the Secretary of State, etc. For example, Prompt.io, Inc.
  1. Phone This is a phone number for an authorized representative of the organization.
  1. EIN This is the Employer Identification Number, otherwise known as your Federal Tax Identification Number in the US. Do not include any dashes or spaces when entering this number.
  1. Campaign Description and Sample Messages Campaign Description is simply a short description of how you will use messaging. For instance, "Voter outreach" or "Supporter communications" might be how you identify your use case. Sample messages should indicate if and when field merge is being used. Be as specific as possible. The carriers may inspect these sample messages in an effort to determine eligibility and compliance with their standards. If you are including opt-out instructions as part of your message, please include that language.
Hi {first} The Relay for Life race is tomorrow! You've signed up and we really appreciate your support. We look forward to seeing you at {startingLocation} tomorrow at {startTime}.
Hello {first} this is {orgName} contacting you reminding you about our upcoming event on July 3. Can you attend? Reply STOP to opt out.
Hello {first} this is {volunteerName} for the Smith campaign for Mayor. Your nearest polling location is {pollingLocation}. We hope you'll come out and support us tomorrow.

Campaign Parameters

These parameters tell the carriers how you intend to utilize 10DLC.

5. Age-Gated Select this if the content is only appropriate for adults. The CTIA defines this as: Restricted Carrier Content accessible only to consumers age 18 years and older or to a consumer less than 18 years of age when specifically authorized by a parent or guardian.“Carrier Content” shall mean any content made available to consumers by the participating carriers in the following content categories: video and images, music and audio, games, adult-oriented text-based entertainment services, and lotteries and gambling. “Carrier Content” does not include content that is: 1) generated, owned, or provided by the end users, including message boards, chat rooms, blogs, etc., or 2) accessed by the user via the public Internet (or other public data networks). “Carrier Content” shall be designated as either generally accessible or restricted to consumers age 18 years and older.“Restricted Carrier Content” shall mean Carrier Content that is generally recognized as appropriate only for, or that is legally restricted to, persons at least 18 years of age, e.g., lotteries, gambling, or material that is excessively violent or sexually explicit.

6. Direct Lending Select only if your organization is a financial institution peddling loans or financing.

7. Embedded Phone Select if you intend to include a phone number in your outbound texts:

Hello, please call 1-888-555-1212 for more information.

8. Subscriber Help — selected by default This should be selected, as Prompt.io ensures that if a subscriber replies HELP they will receive an appropriate auto-response.

9. Subscriber Opt-Out — selected by default This should be selected an indicates that your organization respects requests for opt-out. Prompt.io platform automatically unsubscribes and blocks texting to individuals that utilize the STOP and carrier opt-out keywords.

10. Affiliate Marketing Select only if your orgaization is peddling some affiliate marketing program.

11. Embedded Link — selected by default Select if you intend to embed links in your texts. Note that if your organization intends to utilize Prompt Exchange micro-app functonality or our link shortening facility, this must be selected.

Hello, please call visit https://mywebsite.com for more information.

12. Number Pooling — WARNING Select this only if you intend to utilize 50 or more outbound phone numbers for your texting. Note that this is likely to incur very dramatic carrier inspection and additional fees. TMobile has indicated that use of 50 or more 10DLC numbers may be subject to an addiitional $5000 registration fee. We strongly discourage use of number pooling.

13. Subscriber Opt-In — selected by default

This indicates that your organization respects CTIA guidelines for opt-ins and should be selected. Failure to select this option will result in the inability to utilize 10DLC for texting.

Please contact your account manager for more detail regarding Subscriber Opt-In if you have any questions.


Once registration has been completed, a 10DLC tab will be visible.

  1. Brand ID will display the Brand ID as provisioned by the Campaign Registry.
  1. The Campaign ID identifies the use case as provisioned by the Campaign Registry.
  1. The maximum number of channels displays the maximum number of 10DLC phone numbers allowed for your organization.
  1. Score from carriers is the Brand registration score — this is determined by the carriers and is a score from 1 to 100. Brand scores reflect your company reputation, size, and such as determined by the carrier automated algorithm. Brand score affects the surcharges associated with your account as well as other limitatioins that can be placed on your use of 10DLC. If you believe that your brand has been mis-scored, please contact your account manager and we can apply for external, manual vetting in an effort to increase your rating.
  1. Carrier status displays the characteristics as reflected by the participating 10DLC carriers:

    Carrier: ATT, Tmobile, etc (Verizon will be participating in late 2021) Qualify: indicates that your brand and use case qualifies for use of 10DLC. If this is NO, please contact customer support.

    MNO Review: Indicates that the carriers require external vetting or additional review of your use case. Use of 10DLC is restricted until this has been completed.

    Surcharge: The per-segment surcharge associated with texting for your brand and use case for each participating carrier.

    Brand Tier: for Tmobiile, this inidicates how many texts can be sent to their customer base. Note that as of July 2021, Brand Tier is not being enforced and has no impact on texting.

    Status: this should read APPROVED. If it does not, please contact customer support.

10DLC Checklist

Post registration, please ensure that the following is seen in the 10DLC tab:

If this is not the case, please contact customer support before utilizing 10DLC for texting.