NGP VAN / EveryAction offers a robust integration with NGP VAN / EveryAction, the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations.

Set Up

To sync with NGP VAN, simply navigate to Admin→Contacts and click the NGP VAN tab. Here you will need to provide your NGP VAN user name and API Key — contact NGP technical support to get these credentials.

As you can see, is compatible with both My Voters or My Campaigns.


List Syncing syncs Saved Lists from either My Voters or My Campaigns. All Saved Lists in NGP VAN will appear in the NGP VAN tab. Select the lists you wish to sync and then press the "Sync" button.

The following data fields are automatically synced to and can be used for Broadcast segmentation or targeting:

  • Name
  • Address (van_address)
  • City (van_city)
  • Country (van_country)
  • First name (van_firstName)
  • Last name (van_lastName)
  • State (van_state)
  • Zip or Postal Code (van_zipOrPostal)

Conversation Posting can post messages sent to or from a contact. These messages are posted to NGP VAN Notes.

Automatic Tagging

When importing new contacts, can automatically add the NGP VAN tag to each contact that is imported.

Data Sync

With additional simple configuration, data collected during the conversation can be written back to NGP VAN built in or custom data fields. Please speak with your account manager and our professional services team can get this configured.