May 7, 2020 Rebrand Release

We have rebranded from to!

See our blog post around it here: Blog: Goodbye Chatbox, Welcome™️
Six years ago, we set out to help businesses and nonprofits communicate more efficiently and effectively with their customers. We believe that customers want to interact with businesses in a convenient, mobile-friendly form, on their own terms, with as little hassle as possible. No one really wants to call on the phone, and email is tremendously ineffective.

This release includes all of the branding asset updates throughout our platform.

Here are some example screen shots:


Agent Tools

Other features in this release are detailed below:


Landline scrubbing

We are releasing the ability to validate each Contact number you are importing into the platform. This feature will utilize a Twilio API to determine if it is a valid SMS capable number or if it is a landline that will not be textable. To activate this feature when importing contacts, you must first have a Twilio integration setup. Once that is ready to go, you will see a checkbox on the import screen that you can enable.



Contact Actions Filter/Search

We have added the ability to search through your lists Contact Actions. You can now filter them down by name

Instant Apps

Keyboard Accelerators for Agent Apps

We have enabled the ability for a keyboard shortcut to be used for functionality in an Agent App. The keyboard shortcuts Control-Shift-0 to Control-Shift-9 are sent to each app that has an action defined. You can react to a shortcut in a Snippet where the parameter "shortcutCode" will be set to the number 0–9 depending on the key pressed. You can configure this feature in the "Events & Actions" section of the Agent App under App Events: Keyboard Shortcut Pressed:

Agent Tools

Inbox Count Update

Our current Inbox count stops at 20. We have improved this to give you a better indicator of the number of items in your Inbox queue. It will now display the specific number from 0-100, then change its display to 100+, 200+ and so on so you have a better idea of the number of items.

Monitor - Open Chat in new window

We have had requests to be able to open up Chats from our Monitor view into a separate window. This is a workflow optimization so users don't lose their location/filter status in the monitor list. There is now a button to contribute to a conversation in a new window

Autoscroll to New Messages

We have enhanced the functionality around new messages coming into a conversation while you are looking at previous content in the conversation. You will now see a New Message indicator which will scroll you to the new messages when selected.




Notable bug fixes: