Library / Examples


Ranked IssuesCustomerProvides a list of options and arrows for a customer to rank them in orderExample
Submit a VideoCustomerAsk contacts to upload a video or reviewB2CPoliticalSignatureUploadYouTube
🧮Loan Calculator/ConsolidationCustomerLoan calculator and payoffsCommercialMortagageDataChangedJavaScriptNavBar
📍Basic Map / Location TemplateCustomerBasic location element → map functionalityExampleLocationMap
🤖Q&A + Keyword HandlerChannelKeyword "bot" type functionality for channelAutomationBotChartJavaScriptState Machine
Survey — one question per paneCustomerSimple configuration for a simple survey with one question per pane with navigation.PollSurveyBYOCSSJavaScriptProgress Bar
Simple Yes / No SurveyCustomerSimple 5 questiion yes no survey, but nicely laid outPollSurveyBYOCSSJavaScriptPaneStyling