Inbound Texts: Quick Starter for Spark

This training module will show you how to confirm P2P messages from a broadcast and replying to inbound responses using the Spark Prompt.io broadcast wizard.

Note that in the Spark version of Prompt, a text broadcast is called a Broadcast.

Navigate to Agent Tools → Confirm Messages

From the Home page, navigate to the Agent Tools tab.

In the Agent Tools tab, navigate to Confirm Messages.

Confirm Messages

Click "Confirm" with your mouse or use the Return key to confirm messages for sending.

Agent Responses/Inbox

Once all of the messages have been sent, you can access inbound responses by going to Agent Tools < Chat < (click on the “Inbox” tab). There will be a number in yellow to tell you how many unread conversations are in the inbox.

Once a conversation has been taken from the shared inbox, the conversation will appear in an agent’s Chats.

Full Agent view:

  1. Conversation view: the basic view for agents when responding to messages. Responses get typed into the text box at the bottom of the screen, pressing “enter” will send the messages. You can also add attachments using the paperclip and/or emojis using the smiley face icon.
  1. Whispers: internal system messages that agents can use to make notes about a contact. They show up in-line with the conversation, but they are encased in a green box so that they stand out from conversational text messages.
  1. Scheduled Messages: message responses can be scheduled for a later date and time using a calendar and clock drop down. Scheduled messages can be SMS, MMS, whispers or Instant Apps.
  1. Instant Apps: agents can send pre-made instant apps using the dropdown.
  1. Start a new Conversation: agents can start a new conversation with a contact as long as they know the contact’s phone number
  1. Monitor:
  1. Search: agents can search for an existing chat from their inbox by contact name or phone number.
  1. Agent apps:
  1. Invite an agent:


  1. Monitor: