February 22, 2022 — Minor Release

This is a minor release offering new functionality for optimizing throughput for 10DLC texting, automations, and other bug fixes.

10DLC Deadline March 1 2022

Please be aware that no unregistered texts will be allowed on the Prompt.io platform after the carrier-imposed March 1 deadline.

10DLC Enhancements

In this release, we have optimized message throughput based on the rate limits assigned to your organization by the Campaign Registry. Previously, Prompt was sending 1 segment per second per channel. Now, Prompt will optimize delivery rates based on the limits assigned by the carriers. Notionally, this should mean that your organization can use far fewer 10DLC channels and still send at the optimized rate. Please check with your account manager if you have questions on reducing the number of channels for your organization. If you wish to continue using the channels already provisioned, no changes to your workflow or organization are required.

User Experience Improvements