February 17, 2020 Major Release

This is a major new release — several key areas of functionality have been upgraded, moved, and reorganized. New important functionality has been added to the infrastructure. There are no material changes to the Agent interface.




TUTORIAL AND USER GUIDE TO CONTACT RESOLUTIONS A complete tutorial and overview of the use of the new Resolution functionality and associated Instant App templates can be found here.

Instant Apps


Agent Tools


Some minor bug fixes and enhancements

Note the there is a new "Segments" column in several of the reports. Segments are not tabulated for historical messages prior to this release — only for new messages as of Feb 17, 2020.

Infrastructure — Message Queuing

For this release, the biggest change to the platform is a "message queue" for each channel. For each supported Message Network Operator (Twilio, Bandwidth, YTEL) and each type of channel (long code, short code, toll free) there are different best practices for throughput. For instance, on a Twilio long code, best practice is to send only one message every four seconds. On a Bandwidth toll free number, best practice is up to 10 messages a second. These differences required Chatbox to implement a more complex algorithm in order to maximize deliverability.

Each channel now has an outbound message queue. Messages are placed on the queue based on various actions in this order:

Messages are always processed first-in-first-out within each category.

You may see delays in sending / delivery of outbound messages if there are multiple agents working with multiple contacts on the same phone number. This is normal, proper behavior of the platform and ensures the highest possible deliverability.