Delivery of Tracking Links

Very often organizations want to add tracking characters to links when delivering surveys, polls, or donation forms. These "tracking links" offer attribution to an individual user. However, most carriers (ATT, TMobile, etc) will aggressively block these tracking links, leading to issues with deliverability.

Typical Tracking Link


If your link looks anything like this, you can be quite sure that the carriers are going to aggressively block delivery.

Fortunately, Prompt.io has a solution.

Embedding Tracking Links

PromptExchange can be configured to embed these individualized tracking links. The steps here are quite simple:

  1. Store the Tracking URL in a data field for each contact
  1. Upload the CSV into a Contact List
  1. Use the "Tracking Link" PromptExchange Template
  1. Test
  1. Broadcast

1. Store the Tracking URL in a Data Field

Here, the data field name is URL. The PromptExchange in step 3 is expecting the data field to have this name. Either rename your existing data field to URL, or alternatively, you could modify the PromptExchange to match the data field name.

Export the spreadsheet and data to a CSV file.

Note: It will be very helpful to include a tester's phone number and tracking link in the import.

2. Upload the CSV into a Contact List

Navigate to Contacts → Create List

Select Import Contacts and drag and drop your CSV.

3. Install the Tracking Link PromptExchange

4. Test

If everything is configured properly, the contact will receive a personalized link, but these links are much much friendlier and less likely to get carrier blocked. When the contact clicks the link, the Tracking Link app will render the URL that is associated with that contact record. Additionally, the contact will be "Tagged" as having clicked the link.

If the test is successful, move to Step 5 for Broadcast. If not, please contact support or your account manager and the Prompt.io team will help.

Survey Not Displaying when you click the link? If the Tracking Link app does not render the site, the survey or form company powering the link may be blocking embeds. This is a fairly simple fix, but it will require coordination with the company providing the tracking links. This is known as CORS blocking. Please contact customer support.

5. Broadcast

Sending the Tracking App is only currently supported in Classic.

More Information

For more information or further support, please contact support or your account manager.