December 16, 2019 Minor Release

Minor Release

This is a minor release of the Chatbox platform — several small specific customer asks and bug fixes have been addressed.



For this release, we have added a new user/group level permission to be able to control access to the Contacts tile on the home page

Import Contacts

We exposed the ability to Import Contacts into the Chatbox platform as a subtile under Contacts

This will now allow a user to import Contacts into the platform in an asynchronous manner. They can start the process of importing and navigate away from the page without it affecting the import. They can return to the page to check on the progress of the Import. It also allows a user to import Contacts without the Contacts needing to be associated with a List.


NationBuilder List Management Enhancements

We have added the ability to selectively decide which Lists can be imported through your Integration with NationBuilder. You can also decide to send Opt Out and Tag Data to NationBuilder from the Chatbox platform.

To configure which Lists to import look under the Lists tab inside your NationBuilder Integration tile.

To configure what data to send to NationBuilder look on the Integration tab inside your NationBuilder Integration tile.


Custom Counters

We surfaced a report for any custom counters you might be using inside of the Chatbox platform

Developer Tools

Event Endpoints Custom Header

We added the ability to set 1 or more custom HTTP Headers on the Event Endpoint requests that an org is subscribed to in the Authentication section:

Company Settings

Login Token Configuration

We added the ability to control the number of minutes a Login Token is valid for at an organization level:


No significant changes.


No significant changes.

Instant Apps

No significant changes.

Agent Tools

No significant changes.

Bug Fixes

Please note that the bug fixes below are for very technical power users and Chatbox administrators.

This release addressed 53 minor bug fixes. Some of the bugs are detailed below:

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Customer Success ( or your Sales Engineer ( for help.