Custom Domain for PromptExchange URI

This documents the steps necessary for a Prompt.io customer to use their own domain in the URI that is sent to their customers when deploying Instant Apps.

Currently the default functionality in the Prompt.io platform is for the Prompt Exchange URI to be generated using the organization's subdomain within the prompt.io namespace.

Example of the default behavior for an organization with the subdomain 'acme': https://acme.prompt.io/s/gIfIC

If an organization has the desire for a subdomain within their own namespace to be used in the URI - such that the result would be something like: https://prompt.acme.com/s/glflC - then the following steps need to be taken:

Option 1: Preferred

Acme corp would need to create a DNS record for the subdomain the wish to use, and route it to their web server, which needs to be configured to handle the redirects for this traffic per the steps below

Acme corp would then need to setup a URI specific to their prompt.io traffic that would redirect to their prompt.io specific URI with the proper rules in place to maintain the remainder of the URI

Create a redirect rule such that all traffic coming to prompt.acme.com is redirected to the appropriate URI their organization is configured for in prompt.io. prompt.acme.com/s/gIfIC —> acme.prompt.io/s/gIfIC

Note: It is imperative that the URI string is preserved in the redirect or the links will not work as expected

In addition to this, the Acme corp would need to maintain an SSL Certificate for the fully qualified domain name. This can be a star (or glob) certificate, eg *.acme.com, or a new certificate for the singular subdomain can be procured (in this case, prompt.acme.com).

So "https://prompt.acme.com/s/glflC" becomes: "https://acme.prompt.io/s/glflC"

Option 2

Acme corp would create an SSL certificate for this URL and give it to Prompt.io to manage. Prompt.io would setup the redirect rules for the URI on its web cluster. Acme corp would need to create a CNAME for their domain name to point to the Prompt.io web cluster load balancer.

In this scenario, Acme Corp is responsible for monitoring the certificate for expiry and/or revocation, and for coordinating with the Prompt.io IT/Engineering department when the certificate requires renewal allowing for a reasonable lead-time for Prompt.io staff to get the new certificate verified and deployed.

In both of these options, Prompt.io needs to setup their preferred URI in the raft property "sending.link.{orgid}" so the Prompt Exchange URIs would point to the Acme corp domain.