Connecting Twilio requires a connection to a Twilio account. Your Twilio account will be used to send and receive text messages, provision and purchase phone numbers for texting, and validate contact phone numbers as proper mobile phone numbers. Charges for these services will be applied directly to your Twilio account.

Integrate Twilio

Twilio is a leading SMS infrastructure provider. utilizes Twilio to deliver messages to and from your contacts and constituents. It is required to open, configure, and fund a Twilio account.

We strongly suggest that you select "Automatic Recharge" and select an amount that makes sense given your anticipated volume. Typically, you can think about every 10000 messages as $100. Failure to automatically recharge will lead to failed message delivery if you run out of funds in the middle of a broadcast message and will lead to message delivery failure.

Prompt Use of Your Twilio Account

It is very important to let manage the phone numbers in your Twilio account. Do not buy phone numbers in your Twilio account and definitely do not delete Twilio phone numbers from your Twilio account — that functionality is fully available in the platform. This will ensure that your account is completely is in sync with Failure to heed these warnings will have unintended consequences and will definitely lead to delivery and account issues. In the event that you have used the Twilio console to directly modify your Twilio account by either buying or deleting phone numbers, please contact customer service.