Broadcast Metrics

Prompt.io offers a real-time dashboard and metrics funnel view of your broadcast. This function is only available to Admins.

Stats will update approximately every 30 seconds on these metrics pages.

View Metrics

This is a near real-time dashboard of the performance and status of your broadcast.


Select a category and the contacts matching that criteria will be filtered below.

Delivery Statuses

Engagement Statuses

Tags Added

The fourth column counts tags that have been added to a contact as a result of a Broadcast message. In these cases, any new tags that are applied to a contact are incremented. Note that Macros actions that add tags will cause these stats to increment.

The "Tags Added" functionality is a replacement for "Resolutions" as they were previously implemented. This replacement shipped October 27, 2020. Coming soon: the ability to click on a new tag applied and filter the broadcast contacts.

Examining a Contact

Select any contact record. The right side bar will expand and show you the conversational view and any associated data for that contact.

There are three tabs here:

Click the three dot icon in the upper right to expose options for this contact that include the ability to open a new conversational window for this contact so that you can reply.

Exporting Metrics

The metrics can be exported to a CSV. Select a funnel category and click the "Export" button at the top right.