Best Delivery of MMS and Files

Message Network Operators (Twilio, Bandwidth, Zipwhip, Ytel, etc) and Carriers (ATT, TMobile, etc) all have different capabilities for the delivery of MMS file types (movies, images, sound files, etc). To help customers navigate this complicated landscape, Prompt.io has implemented a "best delivery" feature.

Maximize Deliverability Recommendation

We are finding that best deliverability of photos is for a photo of less than 500kb. Video is absolutely limited to 500kb — do not attempt MMS delivery of video files greater than this size.

When attempting to deliver a file to a customer, Prompt.io will take care to determine the capabilities of the MNO as well as attempt to determine the customer's Carrier. Based on the file type and these capabilities, Prompt.io will deliver with the best possible method. In cases where the media/file is supported, it will be delivered natively. In cases where the media/file is not supported, it will be delivered via a secure link.

Control Flow for Best Delivery of MMS and Files

The "Carrier Lookup" step above requires an API call to the MNO that typically incurs a small charge/fee. If you are bringing your own messaging credential to Prompt.io, Prompt.io uses your API key for this lookup.

Carrier Lookup will be performed the first time it is required and is stored and considered valid for six months. If an additional MMS is sent after six months, another carrier lookup will be performed.

Changing the Default Outbound Link Message

In cases where delivery requires a link, Prompt.io will deliver a link based on the phrase set in the Channel Configuration page. Note that this should be set on a per-channel basis. The default message is:

Click to download {filename}: {link}

Prompt.io will replace {filename} with the name of the file as it was uploaded. For example, if the file /desktop/folder/image1.mov was specified, the message would be sent as:

Click to download image1.mov: {link}

where {link} would be the obfuscated, publicly-accessible link to the file as stored in the Prompt.io servers.

Carrier and Message Network Operator Capabilities

As of 10/15/2019

Please note that carrier and MNO specifications change periodically and this information may not be completely up to date. Prompt.io is constantly working with the carriers and MNOs to determine best delivery method and will proactively update the system as changing conditions require.

MNO Notes:

Carrier Notes:

File Delivery for Non-SMS Channels

Maximum Supported File Upload Size

Prompt.io supports a maximum file upload size of 50MB. Files greater than this size will be rejected by the server.